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May 6, 2011

Testing Flavors

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I have found that when testing flavors, try a small say 3ml batch for your first test.  Some people think that steeping (airing out) juice makes the flavor change.  I will agree with this for most juices.  But I am one of those that, I made it and want to test it now to see if it is any good.  The way that I do it is to microwave a small bowl of water until it is almost boiling and the place the juice bottle in the hot water bath until the water cools to room temp.  This will help mend the flavors and give you a good idea if  what you made is going to work for you.  When taste testing the juice for the first time remember to exhale through the nose.  You get different flavor from your nose than you do from your mouth so remember to exhale through the nose!

Just my 2 cents hope this helps all of the new DIY’ers out there with taste testing new flavors.

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  1. Hi,

    I also have to agree with this. I am totally blind, and do make e liquid as well. I really like my flavors to stand out, so that when you open a bottle and sniff it, you know what it is, and also when tasting a flavor when vaping, it is equally important to know that your flavor is there and you can identify it. A lot of e liquid when you buy it, the manufacturers scrimp on flavor and vapor production. You have to ensure that your ingredients are good, the nicotine, PG, VG and PEG400, and ensure that they are all fresh. I like my flavors right out there in your face, so I take extra time making sure that I use enough flavoring to make it very distinguishable, right out there, and yet not so much that the liquid goes bad over time. It is time consuming to an extent, but the finished product is awesome and people come back for it over and over again. I just started a website, and I am making flavors, e liquid, mods and accessories available, and even putting recipes out soon. The website is live, and I am adding products as I get a chance. Feel free to stop by and ask questions, share ideas, and pick up some of our samples to try for yourself. I can also be reached by phone as well.


    Comment by Richard Goddeau — March 10, 2012 @ 8:46 pm

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