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Chocolate Caramel Praline

BY:devilmama on ECF

Chocolate Caramel Praline

The following is for a PREMIXTURE – everyone’s tastes are different…
I apologize for the measuring techniques – maybe some of you math whizzes can break it down to percentage or mL. All flavors are LorAnn’s except the Dulce de Leche, which came from Perfumer’s (Flavorist’s) Apprentice.
This premix recipe is for a pretty small “test” amount, so you’re not wasting too much flavoring (I’m pretty sure you’ll be remaking this though )
NOTE: My term “Drops” refers to just that – drops from a dropper.

Chocolate Caramel Praline:
15 drops Chocolate
10 drops Pralines & Cream
5 drops Dulce de Leche (P.A.)
5 drops Caramel
3 drops vanilla or vanilla extract (I use extract)
2 drops sweetner (I use sucralose, you choose though)

Mix/blend well & add to base of your choice.

Mix @ 15-20% of your total volume. I’ve used a PG/VG blend (heavy on the VG) and it ends up tasting so good you feel like you should be chewing it. I should throw out a warning though – because of the LorAnn’s Pralines & Cream, the mixture will be dark – some folks don’t like dark juices because they say it kills their attys…I dedicated an atty just to this mix (no issues so far, a week into it) just in case it is hard on it. But it’s soooo good, I’ll kill as many attys as I need to. *drool* (Don’t wanna sound pompous, I just really really love this mix! )

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