E-Liquid Recipe Book

Party Punch

BY:AttyPops on ECF

3 for 1 – “Party Punch”

This is similar in flavor to the ole Tropical Punch + lemon/lime soda “party punch”.

So 3 for 1:
(PA) = Perfumer’s Apprentice
(L) = Lorann’s

#1) Party Punch flavor:
1 part Hula Punch (below)
1 part lemon/lime (below)

# 2) lemon/lime flavor
3 parts lemon (PA)
1 part Key Lime (L)

3) Hula (Tropical) Punch Flavor
2 parts Pineapple (PA)
2 parts Banana Creme (PA)
1 part coconut (PA)
1 part Black Cherry (PA)
1 part Apple (L)
1 part Strawberry (L)
1 part Peach (L) (mango would be better here)

mix 10 to 20 % flavor into your favorite unflavored nic juice that is at or near your desired strength. The lemon/lime needs less than the Hula Punch if you use them separately.

Edit: P.S. It is good to add a bit of rum flavor to this to “spike” it too. Enjoy!

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