E-Liquid Recipe Book

Orange Pineapple

BY:CZEdwards on ECF

Orange Pineapple

A citrus experiment. The pineapple is really upfront on this one, so if you prefer more citrus, you might want to change the flavoring proportions. Sweet inhale, tingly throat hit, some astringency on the exhale. For a sweet-fruity, this is more sophisticated than I expected — it’s not a candy orange-pineapple. More like Orange-pineapple sorbet, or either a 57 Chevy or a Bahama Sunrise (for you drinkers out there…)

6 ml 36mg/ml unflavored flavored niquid
4 ml Propylene Glycol
1.8 ml (36 drops) vegetable glycerin
.9 ml (18 drops) Nature’s Flavors Mandarin Orange Organic spring water flavor (
.9 ml (18 drops) Nature’s Flavors Organic Pineapple flavor concentrate
.75 ml (15 drops) alcohol (I use Everclear; vodka or Bacardi 151 will work, too)
.75 ml (15 drops) distilled water (just to keep things clean)

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