E-Liquid Recipe Book

Lava Flow

BY:JuiceBlaster on vaportalk

This was the first place recipe from the DIY Flavorshack/Vapersplace DIY Contest last year-

Lava Flow
10ml @ 0mg – recipe based on 33 drops/ml

PG – 4.24ml – 42.42% – 140drops
VG – 3.03ml – 30.30% – 60 drops
PGA – .49ml – 4.85% – 16 drops (or distilled water if pure grain alcohol is not desired – better throat hit & flavor w/PGA)
Coconut Flavor – .42ml – 4.24% – 14 drops
Rum Flavor – .42ml – 4.24% – 14 drops
Banana – .42ml – 4.24% – 14 drops
Pineapple – .30ml – 3.03% – 10 drops
Strawberry – .5ml – 5.45% – 18 drops
Ethyl Maltol – .09ml – 3 drops – Mixed @ 30:1 ratio w/ PG
Cinnamon Redhots – .09ml – 3 drops (optional)


Even though the original recipe used all flavorings from DIY Flavorshack, you can also use flavorings from TPA. The recipe is complex enough to use either vendor, or mix/match, and still produce a very vapable ejuice. Since this is a zero nic recipe, adjust according to your desired nic levels.
For Sweetener I typically use pure agave nectar mixed in a 30:1 ratio with PG. For this recipe I would use .09ml or 3 drops.
If you need to substitute an alternate sweetener, such as stevia, probably 2 drops instead of 3 if mixed down to a 30:1 ratio. Some folks like a ‘Hot’ Lava Flow version. Use 2-3 times more Cinnamon Redhots Flavoring, and reduce the amount of PG to compensate. Because of it’s complexity, this one will improve the more it ripens, and will usually take on a deeper color as it ages.

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